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John Lennon (The Beatles) – Gibson majica

Ivan B

Originalna John Lennon majica s motivom Gibson, 100% pamuk, kratki rukavi, crne boje. John Winston Lennon bio je engleski pjevač, tekstopisac, glazbenik i mirovni aktivist koji je stekao svjetsku slavu kao osnivač, suautor pjesama, vodeći vokal i ritam gitarist Beatlesa. Lennona je karakterizirala buntovna priroda i duhovitost u svojoj glazbi, pisanju i crtežima, na filmu …

Being John Lennon - A Restless Life

Being John Lennon – A Restless Life


John Lennon was a rock star, a school clown, a writer, a wit, an iconoclast, a sometime peace activist and finally an eccentric millionaire.

He was also a Beatle – his plain-speaking and impudent rejection of authority catching, and eloquently articulating, the group’s moment in history.


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The Making of John Lennon

Igor Maračić

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of Liverpool, Francis Kenny reveals the real John Lennon who preceded the legend, showing how his childhood shaped his personality, creative process, and path to success, and how it also destroyed his mental health, leading to the downfall of one of the most confident and brilliant musicians of the past century.

The John Lennon Letters


John Lennon is one of the world’s greatest-ever song writers, creator of ‘Help!’, ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’, ‘Imagine’ and dozens more. Now, his letters have been collected and published, illuminating as never before the intimate side of a private genius. Hunter Davies, author of the only authorized biography of The Beatles, has tracked …

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John Lennon – Live in New York City šalica

Igor Maračić

Originalna John Lennon (The Beatles) keramička šalica kapaciteta 320 ml. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Dostava Dostava se vrši putem naših ugovornih partnera, a rok dostave je 2 do 4 radna dana standardnim slanjem ili do 20 sati idući radni dan ubrzanim slanjem. Za Europu i svijet rok dostave je 14 dana. Narudžbe zaprimljene od ponedjeljka do petka do 12 sati šalju …

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The Lives of John Lennon

Igor Maračić

The result of six years of research and some 1,200 interviews, this book takes fans deep into  John Lennon’s secretive world, from his traumatic childhood to his Beatles days to his hidden life with Yoko Ono…

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Funko POP Rocks – John Lennon with Psychedelic Shades Special Edition figura #246

Igor Maračić

The Beatles – John Lennon with Psychedelic Shades Special Edition Funko POP figura 246 Entertainment Earth Exclusive! John Lennon is one of music’s biggest legends, and whether you’re a Beatles collector or a fan of the icon, this John Lennon with Psychedelic Shades Pop! Vinyl Figure – Entertainment Earth Exclusive is an eye-catching piece you …