Black Metal – The Cult Never Dies, Volume One

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First of a series of books examining in great depth this worldwide phenomenon. Comprised entirely of exclusive interviews, many with artists who have never spoken about their careers before, this tome begins the project by examining three facets of the genre in detail, returning to the subject of Norwegian Black Metal, discussing Polish Black Metal and telling the story of the subgenre of Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal. Artists featured/interviewed: Satyricon, Manes, Kampfar, Solefald, Wardruna, Jotunspur, Gorgoroth, Xantotol, Mastiphal, Arkona, Evilfeast, Mgla, Kriegsmaschine, Strid, Bethlehem, Forgotten Tomb, Total Negation.

300 pages and over 150 photos, many previously unpublished.