Back to the Future – Time Travel Memories set memorabilija


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Back to the Future – Time Travel Memories set memorabilija s 36 različith predmeta iz filmova! Memorabilije dolaze u limenoj kutiji. Proizvođač Doctor Collector.

This box contains the memories that Marty collected during his time travels to 1955, 2015, 1885, and even to a parallel 1985, reminding him that his adventures with Doc were real.
4 kits in one, one for each time travel: 1885, 1955, 1985 and 2015, 36 items total. Heavy!


Marty’s introduction Letter
OUTATIME “Distressed” License Plate 1

Hill Valley Telegraph Envelope
Doc’s Tombstone Snapshot (Disappearing effect)
Delgado Mine Map (84 cm x 51 cm)
Buford Tannen Reward Poster
Hill Valley Map 1885
Hill Valley High School Envelope
Lou’s Cafe Menu
Lorraine & George prom night portrait
Flux Capacitor Schematic Diagram
Enchantment under the sea Flyer
Lorraine wallet portrait
Hill Valley Map 1955
Twin Pines Mall Bag
McFly Family Photo (Lenticular disappearing effect)
Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise Casino Red chip
“Save the Clock Tower” Ribboned badge
“Do not open until 1985” Marty’s letter
Marty’s “Slacker” Tardy Slip
“A Match Made in Space” Bookmarker
“Re-Elect Mayor Goldie Wilson” Badge
“Art in Revolution” Badge
“Save the Clock Tower” Flyer
“Dr. E. Brown Enterprises” Business card
Hill Valley Map 1985
Blast from the Past Bag
Cafe 80’s Coaster (Lenticular effect)
Double Sided Hoverboard Magazine Advert
Blast from the Past Receipt
Cafe 80’s Lenticular Placemat
“You’re fired” CUSCO Fax
Mr. Fusion sticker
3D Hill Valley Map (3D depth & lenticular effect)

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Doctor Collector