Sounds of Glory – Rocking All Over the World


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Sounds of Glory Volume One is packed with brilliant stories from the biggest names in rock and metal.

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal erupted in the late 70s. Iron Maiden conquered the world, Def Leppard conquered the USA… and alongside them rock gods like Ozzy Osbourne and Ritchie Blackmore enjoyed unexpected revivals.

At the heart of this rock ’n’ roll tsunami was Britain’s SOUNDS magazine. And at the heart of SOUNDS was Garry Bushell. Like his idols, Garry lived every day as if it was his last. Which it nearly was. Fed heroin in India by Hanoi Rocks, being raided by the C.I.D. in a Motörhead related incident, getting his eyebrows shaved off by Ozzy… Garry recalls it all in this funny, fast-moving memoir which also takes in Thin Lizzy, UFO, Gary Moore, Status Quo, Twisted Sister, Rose Tattoo, ZZ Top and more.

All raw, exciting, world-beating talents whose heritage endures to this day. This is a laugh-out-loud road trip through the glory years of Sounds and the golden years of rock music…when Rock Gods ruled the earth.