Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead: (And Other Things I Learned from Famous People)

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Neil Strauss can uncover the naked truth like nobody else.
With his groundbreaking book “The Game”, Strauss penetrated the secret society of pickup artists; now, in “Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead”, his candid, surprising, and often hysterical interviews reveal the hidden sides of 120 of the world’s biggest celebrities, from Hugh Heffner to Johnny Cash to Snoop Dogg and beyond.

Join Neil Strauss as he:

– Makes Lady Gaga cry
– Tries to keep Mötley Crüe out of jail
– Gets kidnapped by Courtney Love
– Goes to church with Tom Cruise
– Buys nappies with Snoop Dogg
– Tucks Christina Aguilera into bed

First published in 2011.