Comfort Eating with Nick Cave – Vegan Recipes to Get Deep Inside of You (tvrdi uvez)


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A book of vegan comfort-food recipes that act as the perfect accompaniment to Nick Caves music.
Poor Nick Cave.
He’s sitting all alone, eating frosting with a spoon.
Now you can join him as he soothes himself with a giant bowl of mashed potatoes, a tofu dog, peanut butter from the jar, spicy potato chips or veggie pot pies.
“Comfort Eating With Nick Cave” is the perfect accompaniment to his music.
When despair and deception come a-knockin’ at your door, get a giant cinnamon roll inside of you.
Maybe you shouldn’t have let love in, but at least you can let tacos and baked ziti in, too.
By following the recipes in this book, you can feed your sorrows with delicious vegan comfort food classics right along with Nick.