Pete Townshend: Who I Am


He is one of the greatest musical talents Britain has ever produced. But even as the principle songwriter and lead guitarist for The Who, it would be unjust to define Pete Townshend‘s life simply through his achievements with bandmates Daltrey, Moon and Entwistle. Noting that he has sold over 100 million records over a fifty-year …

The Who on stage šalica

The Who – Band on Stage šalica

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Originalna keramička The Who šalica. The Who je engleski rock sastav osnovan u Londonu 1964. godine. Klasičnu postavu činili su Roger Daltrey (vokal), Pete Townshend (gitara/vokal), John Entwistle (bas gitara/vokal) i Keith Moon (bubnjevi). Prvi singl “I Can’t Explain” praćen je nizom uspješnih singlova uključujući “My Generation”, “Substitute” i “Happy Jack”. Četvrti album grupe, rock …

the who majica

The Who – Maximum R&B majica

Igor Maračić

Originalna The Who majica s motivom Maximum R&B, 100% pamuk, kratki rukavi, bijele boje.

Pretend You’re in a War – The Who & the Sixties


“A definitive tome for both Who fans and newcomers alike” -Q Magazine Pete Townshend was once asked how he prepared himself for The Who’s violent live performances. His answer? “Pretend you’re in a war.” For a band as prone to furious infighting as it was notorious for acts of ‘auto-destructive art’ this could have served …

the who knjiga

The Who – The Story of the Band That Defined a Generation (tvrdi uvez)

Igor Maračić

Chris Welch, a journalist who followed the Who from the beginning, provides insightful text for this unofficial guide, while photographs from the best contemporary photographers are complemented by images of superb rare memorabilia, much of it from the band’s early days.