minions chess

Minions – Medieval Mayhem Chess set za šah

Igor Maračić

Minions – Medieval Mayhem Chess set za šah sadrži 32 detaljne plastične figure i čvrstu kartonsku šah podlogu. Veličina figura variraju od 5 cm do 11 cm, a dimenzije ploče su 47cm x 47cm. This intricately detailed chess set including 32 finely sculpted PVC pieces featuring King Bob and his mischievous Minions and a cardboard, …

gremlins karte

Gremlins – Gizmo igraće karte

Igor Maračić

Gremlins  – Gizmo karte za poker, belu i slične igre. U špilu ukupno 54 karte (52 standardne + 2 Jokera). Karte dolaze u kartonskom pakiranju. GREMLINS DECK OF PLAYING CARDS: Bring home this deck of Gremlins playing cards to your family. Each card has been modified with the mischief and mayhem of the Gremlins UNIQUE …

black metal

Black Metal – Evolution of the Cult

Igor Maračić

Black Metal – Evolution of the Cult features over one hundred exclusive new and archival interviews with the genre’s most central figures. It is the most comprehensive guide yet to this fascinating and controversial form of extreme metal. It is encyclopaedic in length and breadth…

Rock in a Hard Place – Music and Mayhem in the Middle East

Ivan Muhvić

“Rock in a Hard Place” is a different voice, one that is at odds with the Middle East of violence, extremism, war and ISIS: a voice recognizable to anyone who has ever turned up a speaker or an amp to drown out the din of the everyday, and a voice that may help unite us when we need it most.