hip hop portraits of an urban hymn

Hip Hop – Portraits of an Urban Hymn (tvrdi uvez)

Igor Maračić

With David Scheinbaum’s images and incisive texts by scholars, cultural critics and public intellectuals Gaye Theresa Johnson and Michael Eric Dyson, as well as an artist conversation with Frank Goodyear Jr. of the National Portrait Gallery, plus an introduction by Brian Hardgroove of Public Enemy, this book will look at Hip Hop as a positive cultural influence that is akin to the youth movements of the 1960s in its scope.

Hrvatski Hip-Hop – Rokane rime


Knjiga sadrži 77 tekstova pjesama (nastalih u periodu od 1997.-2001.) hrvatskih hip hop izvođača: Blackout, Tram 11, Bolesna braća, Elemental, El Bahattee, Dj Pimp, Ugly leaders, Pol’ tone rappa, Drill skillz, Dhirtee III ratz, TBF, Nered i Stoka.

Hrvatski Hip-Hop – Rokane rime 2 (meki uvez)


Knjiga sadrži 96 tekstova pjesama (nastalih u periodu od 2001.-2006.) 16 hrvatskih hip hop izvođača: Bolesna braća, Connect, Doppler efekt, Edo Maajka, Elemental, General Woo, Krivično djelovanje, Nered, Promili, Punk Rock Hrvati, Shorty, Stoka, Target, TBF, Tram 11 i Tremens.   ___________________________________________________________________________________ Dostava Dostava se vrši putem naših ugovornih partnera, a rok dostave je 2 do …

gospel of hip hop

KRS-ONE: The Gospel of Hip Hop – The First Instrument (tvrdi uvez)

Igor Maračić

Set in the format of the Christian Bible, this 800-plus-page opus is a life-guide manual for members of Hip Hop Kulture that combines classic philosophy with faith and practical knowledge for a fascinating, in-depth exploration of Hip Hop as a life path…