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Rave On – Global Adventures in Electronic Dance Music

Igor Maračić

Electronic dance music was once the utopian frontier of pop culture. But three decades after the acid house ‘summer of love’, it has gone from subculture to the global mainstream. Does it still have the same power to inspire? From the pleasure palaces of Ibiza and Las Vegas to ‘new frontiers’ like Shanghai and Dubai, …

beach boys pjesme

The Little Black Songbook: The Beach Boys

Igor Maračić

A pocket-sized collection of The Beach Boys songs presented in chord songbook format, with guitar chords boxes and complete lyrics.

joy division decades

Joy Division + New Order: Decades (tvrdi uvez)

Igor Maračić

First, there was Joy Division. Their music reflected both the barren urban landscape of their native Manchester in the late 1970s and singer Ian Curtis’s heart of darkness. They remain forever set in aspic, not merely – if “merely” is the right word – by the suicide of their extraordinary and extraordinarily volatile singer, but …

ivana banfić Devedesete

Ivana Banfić: Devedesete

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“Devedesete” Ivane Banfić čitat ćete kao fascinantnu povijest legendarne glazbene scene, ali i kao osobni dnevnik karijere duge 30 godina, razotkrivanje fascinantnog života “žene devedesetih”, ispunjenog materijalima za jedan dobar roman. S tom razlikom da je unutar ovih korica sve istina: nastupi pred naoružanom publikom, opasna ratna putovanja, strašna prometna nesreća, povratak selu i neočekivani …

Over the Top and Back – The Autobiography (tvrdi uvez)


“For a lot of years, I’ve answered a lot of questions, but have never told my story before.” Across six decades, Sir Tom Jones has maintained a vital career in a risky, unstable business notorious for the short lives of its artists. With a drive that comes from nothing but the love for what he …

John Lydon: Anger Is an Energy – My Life Uncensored


John Lydon has secured prime position as one of the most recognizable icons in the annals of music history. As Johnny Rotten, he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols – the world’s most notorious band, who shot to fame in the mid-1970s with singles such as “Anarchy in the UK” and “God Save …


Ostalo je buka: slušanje dvadesetoga stoljeća (tvrdi uvez)

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Knjiga Ostalo je buka nije napisana samo za one koji su dobro upućeni u klasičnu glazbu nego također – i to posebno – za one koji su usputno zainteresirani za taj pandemonij u predgrađu kulture. Knjiga Ostalo je buka višestruko je nagrađivani prvijenac vrsnoga američkog glazbenoga kritičara i teoretičara Alexa Rossa: “Ovo je kronika ne …