Paul McCartney: The Lyrics (tvrdi uvez)

Paul McCartney: The Lyrics (tvrdi uvez)

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The Lyrics consists of Paul McCartney’s discussions with Paul Muldoon of the lyrics of 154 of his songs written during his time as a member of the rock bands the Beatles and Wings and as a solo artist. The songs are arranged alphabetically over two volumes (each volume is 480 pages, not available separately). The …

Paul McCartney – The Biography


The first biography written with Paul McCartney’s approval and with access to family members and friends closest to him. In this masterly biography, history’s most successful songwriter, a man of seemingly effortless talent, beauty and charm, is revealed as a complex, insecure workaholic who still feels as great a need to prove himself in his …

beatles ručnik

The Beatles – Abbey Road ručnik

Igor Maračić

Originalni The Beatles – Abbey Road pamučni ručnik dimenzija 70 x 140 cm. Grupa The Beatles najpopularnija je i najutjecajnija grupa u povijesti popularne glazbe sa preko 600 milijuna prodanih nosača zvuka i slike. Dobitnici su sedam nagrada Grammy, četiri Brit Awards i jedne Academy Award. U Rock and Roll Hall of Fame primljeni su 1988. godine. Sva četvorica Beatlesa rođena …